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Our nurseries brim with exceptional plants, from elegant topiaries to brightly-colored blooms and exotic succulents. In order to bring the highest quality plants to our nurseries, we have fostered relationships with exceptional growers both locally and nationally. Seasonal imports from California and Oregon bring exquisite boxwood topiaries, healthy hydrangeas and beautiful varieties of maples. Organic and locally-grown herbs, veggies, fruits and citrus trees are available at appropriate times throughout the year, while staple shrubs, tropicals, and ground cover can be found year-round. Our garden experts are adept at diagnosing and managing pests and are available to offer seasonal advice and assistance in choosing plants which suit your specific conditions.

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To our customers and communities,

These are uncharted territories we are living in. Each day arrives with a new set of circumstances, which we are all adjusting to. It is our hope and intention to respond appropriately, respecting the magnitude of the situation, while keeping in line with who we are as a Company, and who we are to our customers.

We understand many of our community members are keeping close to home these days; nesting and gardening are now common acts of everyday, as surrounding oneself with beauty (of nature) has an almost calming, reassuring effect. To you, our gates and services currently remain open. Let’s be wise and calm and trust that this too shall pass.

Suitable precautions will be taking place while we continue to operate, with health and safety as a priority.