T+H Farms

A Regenerative Place


T+H Farms is 65+ acres of regeneratively farmed
land outside of La Grange, Texas. Here, every part has its purpose.
Ours is to create grounds for conversation around the growth of good food, beginning, most importantly, with the earth itself.

Full of life, nutrient-rich soil grows healthy plants and grasses which are eaten, in turn, by our flock of hens and herd of cattle.

After feeding from the fields, they naturally fertilize and aerate the same soil that nourishes the pastures, orchards, gardens, and more.

Our eggs, beef, honey and vegetables feed our guests at Tiny Boxwoods and is available at Farmer’s Markets when in season!

Visit us at Kerbey Lane Village Market Days this spring!

1515 West 35th Street, Austin, Texas 78703

March 25 | April 22 | May 20

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